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Raiders - vs - Rams 8-7-99 Pre-season

1st Quarter
The Toss St Louis won the toss and elected to receive.

The Kick Mike Husted kicked off from the Raiders 30 to the goal line of St Louis. St Louis returned the kick to approximately the 19-yard line.

Rams Drive
Trent Green completed a pass for 8-yards off Raiders linebacker Greg Biekert. On 2nd and 2 from the Rams 27, Green completed his second pass. The pass was completed in the zone between linebacker James Folston and safety Charles Mincy for 3-yards and the first down. Green next completed a play action pass deep to Issac Bruce. This pass was caught between Mincy and cornerback Marquis Walker for 41-yards. Raiders defensive end Lance Johnstone was held on the play. On the next play cornerback Darrion Gordon missed a tackle, but safety Anthony Newman caused a fumble. Orlando Pace recovered the fumble . From the Raiders 25-yard line, Hill tried again. This time, Hill was tackled by Johnstone for a loss of 2-yards. On 3rd and 7 Trent Green completed his next pass between all of the Raiders linebackers for 6-yards. With a play-action pass from Trent Green the Rams converted on 4th and 1. Green scrambled for 5-yards on the next play only to be stopped by Mincy. On 2nd and 5 from the 12-yard line, Newman stopped the run for only a 3-yard gain. Johnstone sacked Green for a 10-yard loss. The Rams kicked a 32-yard field goal for 3-points and the lead.
Raiders 0 Rams 3

Raiders turn
Randy Jordan ran the kick back from the 7-yard line to the Raiders 28. On 1st down Raiders running back Napoleon Kaufman ran up the middle for a gain of 4-yards. The next play was new Oakland Raider's quarterback Rich Gannon's first completion. The pass was complete to wide receiver Tim Brown for 4-yards. On 3rd down and 2 left tackle Mo Collins was called for a false start. That brought up 3rd and 7. Gannon threw the pass incomplete behind wide receiver Kenny Shedd.
The Rams came back with a 7-yard punt return halted by Raiders full back Jermaine Williams. Greg Hill ran for 22 more yards. Green again completed a pass between the defenders. This one went to the Oakland 40 dropping between Gordon and Mincy. Hill ran for 2-yards and the first down. On 2nd and 10 Charles Mincy broke up the pass. On 3rd and 10 Torry Holt beat cornerback Perry Carter for a 40 yard touchdown.
Raiders 0 Rams 10

Jordan Again
Randy Jordan, shedding tackles, took the next kickoff back to the 29. With the Raiders 1st and 10 Gannon missed the toss to Kaufman. On second down Kaufman ran between the tackles for a gain of 4-yards. On 3rd and a long 6 yards to go, Gannon hit Kenny Shedd for the first down. The next pass Gannon threw short to Kaufman and hit a defender right on the numbers.

With the interception and a 10-point lead, Green was sidelined for the backup QB. The first play with the new QB was a toss to the endzone. Marquis Walker broke up the play. On 2nd and 10 Hill broke tackles from linebackers Eric Barton and Travian Smith only to be tackled by Grady Jackson. A few passes and runs later it was 1st and goal and the quarter was over.

2nd Quarter
On first and goal to go, Grady Jackson popped the ball loose. K.D. Williams scooped it up.
Raider ball on the 19

Oakland QB Rich Gannon handed the ball to Napoleon Kaufman. Kaufman gained 4-yards running right to the 23. On 2nd and 6, Gannon sent the ball to the 38-yard line via tight end Jeremy Brigham. Gannon tossed the ball to wide receiver Terry Mickens for 3-yards to bring up 2nd and 7. On 2nd and 7, Gannon pitched the ball to Kaufman who trotted out of bounds for a loss of 1-yard. Kaufman appeared to give up on that play. Gannon audibled on 3rd down. On a four wide receiver set Gannon's pass was good to Dameane Douglas for a 11-yard gain. 1st down again and Gannon tossed the ball to Shedd for another 1st down. On this 1st down Gannon rolled out on a run fake. There was a free defender so, Gannon ran upfield for a gain of 6-yards. It was 2nd and 4 and time for another audible. Gannon was perfect on this drive throwing his final pass to wide reciever Horace Copeland. That 16-yard gain brought the Raiders to the Rams 15-yard line. Napolean, on a cutback for 8 yards, brought the team down inside the 10. The next play Napolean ran up the middle for another 1st down. On 1st and goal Kaufman brought the team to the goal line. Randy Jordan easily made the two inches necessary for the touchdown.

Adam Treu snapped the ball high. Leo Araguz let it get away, which resulted in no PAT.

Raiders 6 Rams 10

Mike Husted's next kick went down to about the 2-yard line. The ball was returned to the 33. The Rams went 3-out.

As the Raiders and Rams traded 3-outs here are some highlights.
K.D.Williams had some good stops and tackles. The Raiders defense held the Rams on 4th and 1. On a drive that ended with Jeremy Brigham's backward fumble out of bounds, Kenny Shedd took a beating. Shedd caught a long pass over the middle from Pat Barnes. Just as he caught the ball he was creamed by an on-comming truck. Or a Ram's safety, but it looked like a truck.

3rd Quarter
The second half began with another Randy Jordan return. This one was to the 29-yard line. Coach Willie Shaw commented that his play calling in the first half was not agressive enough. The Raiders went nowhere, so Araguz had to punt. The punt was good, but Chad Levitt and company had little trouble driving down for the Rams next touchdown.

Raiders 6 Rams 17

Oakland running back Tyrone Wheatley made his debut. Wheatley took the Rams kick back to the 32-yard line. Barnes completed a play action pass to wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa. Mustafa's 11-yard reception brought the Raiders to the 43. Running back Rashaan Salaam wiggled his way to midfield. On 2nd and 3 Rashaan ran for 6 more and a first down. Barnes next move was a play action pass to tight end Randy Palmer for 18-yards. On 1st and 10 from the 26-yard line, Barnes tossed a pass to the grass. Salaam ran for 5 more, Skrepenak moved early, and it was time for a field goal. Husted's 43-yard kick was wide right.

A little action As the quarter wound down, there was a little action. Raiders cornerback Donnel 'D-Day' Day broke up a bomb pass. Calvin Branch recovered a fumble after the QB fell down, got up, completed a pass and the pass was knocked out by D-Day . On 3rd and 13 Barnes scrambled, but could not get the first down.
End of the 3rd Quarter

4th Quarter
Raiders Turn the Tables

The fourth quarter started with an Araguz punt. On the first play of the Ram's drive, Rod Coleman batted down the pass. On the next play, Sam Sword tackled the runner for a loss after being slowed by JoJuan Armour. The Rams QB was sacked on 3rd and 12 by Rod Coleman after being rushed by Vince Amey. Darrien Gordon took the punt from the Raiders 29, 21-yards to the 50. Barnes was sacked. Douglas pulled up slow on a deep pass. Then, there was a miscommunication between Salaam and Barnes resulting in a turnover. Reginald Doster picked off the Rams, and ran for about 25-yards.

Barnes TD drive(almost)
Barnes tossed to Eafon for 7, to Marlon Barnes for 3, a tough catch for Mustafa, and an on the run a 28-yard pass to Craig Spann (28-yards in the air, 15-yard gain). That brought the Raiders to the Rams 15. Then Pat threw the ball to a Ram at the Goal line.

Sword get's it back
Sam Sword capitalized on a dropped ball, picking up the fumble, getting it back for the Raiders.

Enter Scott Dreisbach Oakland's 4th string QB Scott Driesbach came in and handed the ball to Marlon Barnes. Barnes proceeded to run 14 yards for the score.

Raiders 6 Rams 17

The 2-point conversion was caught in the back of the end zone, no good.
Johnnie Harris picked up Sam Sward's forced fumble, and it was the Raiders turn again. Dreisbach, from the Rams 48-yard line, drove the raiders to victory with the following plays. Dreisbach threw a nice deep pass to Isaiah Mustafa. Mustafa, with a one-handed grab, dropped the ball. The next pass was deep to Dameane Douglas who was held about the 10-yard line. After a holding call brought the Raiders backward to the Rams 18, Dreisbach scrambled, zigged and zagged for a gain of 7-yards. On 2nd down, Dreisbach was sacked back to the 17. The next play was a play action pass to the 5 caught by tight end Marcus Hinton. On 4th and goal Hinton caught another pass for the winning touchdown.

Raiders 18 Rams 17

Nick Martucci with a sack, and Armour with a knockdown, helped solidify the win in the final minute.